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When I became a coach, it was to help people make a difference in their own lives first and foremost. So it’s great to get comments like this

I would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me. You have really helped turn my life around helping me make such big decisions. I really can’t thank you enough. Your professionalism and the manner in which you approached certain subjects was held to a very high standard, which is a testament to the true gent that you really are. You are very good at your job, keep up the good work and I know there will be hundreds of other people writing similar comments like me.


Lovely eh? Then why do I struggle with accepting these comments? Well, for one, (and this might be a secret) even coaches are a little messed up. There. I said it. The industry secret is out. If you find a coach that says they aren’t a little messed up, then I say they are not being honest and you can send them my number.

You see, my first comment to clients is this.  “It’s OK to be messed up.” Recognising your own particular flaws and how you will overcome them is what makes you a person destined for change. Utilising the strategies and techniques I’ve learned to help others is what makes me a great coach and what makes me get comments like this from my clients.

“It’s OK to be messed up. It’s not OK to stay messed up.”

This isn’t arrogance by the way. It’s my strategy for dealing with and accepting genuine praise. For somebody to say something nice about you is joyous at the deepest level. It’s the praise we all need and have sought from an early age and should still enjoy getting no matter what age we are. Accepting that praise without thinking should be the default response not saying “Oh yeah but when you said I look nice you actually mean I look fat and a loser. ” The acceptance of praise is allowing something magical and enriching to happen. It should make us feel like we’re flying.

My coaching is all about you having a life. Praising yourself for beating the universal odds of even being here in the first place. You should be celebrating this every day. For you not to be able to look at yourself in a mirror and genuinely see how amazing you are is a universal crime in my book. Literally, it should be a crime.

So yes, I enjoy and nurture those genuine comments even if it’s taken me a while to accept them as they are without thinking negatively of myself.

Believe me, it’s the little things that make the big difference.

What can we do about it if you’re not feeling genuinely 100% about yourself?

Well, if you want to:-

  • I can show you how to get to the root of the story that you’re telling yourself. Dig up the problem of what is stopping you from making real change in your life
  • If you are feeling like you don’t know which direction to go in then I can help you put real structure and life goals in place and a step by step guide to getting there
  • If the weight on your shoulders is too much then I can lighten the load and help you redistribute it
  • If your relationships are suffering because of where you are now, then getting some clarity and purpose will make all the difference
  • If you are feeling like your career is going nowhere then we can find a way to jump start it again
  • Mostl importantly you can start to enjoy life even more than you may be enjoying it now

If this sounds interesting then why not book a free Discovery call?

Here’s some of what you can expect from my program

Root of the problem discovery *Warning – may contain nuts*

Regular support and ongoing 1 on 1 coaching for a 6-step programme (6 1-1 sessions)

Crystal clear vision of what you will be at the end of it

A decisive action plan to create your new beginning

Fun exercises and tips to supercharge your adventure

A caring but no BS attitude

Party for when you reach your chosen outcomes and goals!

New You Concept Metallic Keyboard with New You on Red Enter Key Background, Selected Focus. 3D Illustration.

I know this can seem scary, but the first step is always the scariest. Committing to change is more important than committing to staying the same. It’s not harder, despite what some people say, it’s just different and that can sometimes be seen as hard. (Secret tip #2 – it’s not!)

The only thing stopping you from doing it, is you doing it.

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