Ch, ch, changes – The state of your mind

The State of your mind
Have you ever been in the doldrums? Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a state that you just can’t shake or seem to turn around? Well changing your physiological state actually changes your mental state. Don’t believe me, try my top 5 tips for turning that frown upside down.


Get up, get on up

If you feel like you are in that pit of despair, then get up, move around and get out of the place you are in. As Einstein famously didn’t say, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again only to expect a different result”. If you want to change your perspective, well, change your perspective. Go for a walk – go to a different place for while. Can’t get out then try meditating on your perfect happy place. To do this, sit quietly and imagine your perfect place. Perhaps it’s a beach, a park, a forest. Imagine every detail, look at every tree. Feel the grass or sand under your feet, smell the ocean or pine forest, go there completely in your mind. Walk around it and use every sense you have to create your perfect place – it’s your imagination, do whatever you want to! Give yourself permission to dream as big as you dare.


Shut up and dance

OK, here’s the funny thing. We’re made of energy and energy vibrates. Music is energy and that vibrates as well. Any piece of music can bring you into or out of an emotive state – if you don’t believe me then recall the last time you turned the radio on and said to yourself “Mweh! What a rubbish song! Turn it off!” Now, conversely if you’re feeling down then bring your energy up with a song you love. Play it, and play it loud! Then play another one! Anything that changes the feeling you have at the moment (note if you hear “I’m gonna be 500 Miles” by The Proclaimers then you know I’m out of my mood!) Oh and if somebody doesn’t like your taste in music, then that’s their problem not yours. NEVER let anyone tell you what music to listen to – its like somebody telling you what colour to like or flower to sniff.


The One Where You Watch Your Favourite Comedy

Again, change that physiological state – put yourself in a place where you can laugh. By physically laughing we release endorphins into our system. They make us happy. Check out any comedy program that had you rolling around with tears running down your face. This is the state you want to get in again and you know the program that made you feel this way before. Bazinga! You’re there.


Don’t hang out with Eeyore

OK, we know the people we should stay away from when we’re down. The Eeyore’s of our social circle. There’s a famous experiment performed by Cleve Backster. He split a yoghurt culture in two and measured the energy signatures from both halves. When they fed one half of the yoghurt culture, the other half responded as though it were being fed. He initially went on to perform similar experiments on neighbouring plants and animals with similar conclusions. Therefore if you want to feel differently around some people look for people who make you feel better, who energise you and make you smile. These are the folks that you need to keep company with.
Hut, two three four

Exercising is THE best way to change your state. Not only is it great for you physically but mentally it equally beneficial. Now, we’re not talking a gazillion pressups (unless that’s your thing!) but even a 20 minute walk is enough to change and lift your mood. Combine this with some kickass music and well, you get the picture.
I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to change your mood, quickly, easily and ultimately for the better. Why not let me know of any others that you know work quickly and effectively? Happy state change!

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