We love working with corporate teams – how often do you get the chance to help shape the culture of a business?! With approximately 15 million days lost to sickness associated with stress and anxiety, this isn’t a problem that is going away. Do something different with your teams to give them the tools to deal with stress and anxiety in the workplace. Why not read on to see what we can do…

We know that performance metrics are normally taken to see how effective employees are doing, but are you benchmarking happiness in your workplace? If not, ask yourself how much sickness is causing your organisation. Candidates aren’t accepting roles just for the salary, they want to know how well looked after they will be on a holistic basis.  

By teaching employees to recognise the signs, they can head off their potential sickness before it gets to the point of being a long term problem for you. In a fun way, we educate and learn about stress and anxiety, what it is, how it actually serves us and what we can do to master it, and how not to let it dominate us. 


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Why not talk to us about coming in for a taster session for your team? We can provide lunch and learn sessions, fun taster sessions and complete wellness programs tailored completely to your needs.