How to Give Feedback – The Power of AND instead of BUT

Imagine the scene. You are giving a presentation to a group of people and you have spent a while preparing. You think it’s gone great and then someone utters those words “Hey, great presentation but I didn’t get the slide about…”

BOOM. Hand grenade of doubt gets hurled into the room.  You’ve forgotten the first part of the sentence “Great presentation” and all you’ve heard is “I didn’t get the slide about…” which normally snowballs into “I didn’t understand the whole presentation” and the doubt devil creeps in and on it goes.

Now imagine this. The same presentation. Someone comes up to you at the end and says, “Hey great presentation and I’d like to know a bit more about that slide on…”

WOW! What a difference! Just by changing the last half of the sentence to a positive statement and using the word AND instead of BUT.

Everyone feels positive. You feel positive and more engaged to give a great response and are feeling happy that someone found it interesting, enjoyed your presentation AND wants to talk about it some more.

If you’re the one giving feedback, then use this tip to get more out of your conversations with everyone around you.  This works for CEOs, Partners, children, colleagues – and it works EVERY time.

We are sabotaging opportunities with a simple word and if you think there isn’t any power in your words? Think again.

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2 thoughts on “How to Give Feedback – The Power of AND instead of BUT”

  1. But once you overcome potential emotional barriers to giving praise, there’s a pretty simple formula for offering positive feedback: Be specific, discuss the impact of the other person’s behavior, and show your gratitude.

    1. The emotional barriers do get in the way but not always – recognising when and if they serve you is one of the best management techniques. With you on the gratitude, all the way! There’s not enough of it when there’s so much to go round.

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