Hypnosis – how it can help you

Hypnosis – what can it be used for?  Hypnosis Pocket Watch
Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years in many countries and cultures around the world. “Temple Sleep” which involved deep meditation has been documented in India for hundreds of years. This was long before Mesmer gave us a modern day interpretation of hypnosis.
When we start to fall asleep, we are starting to go into a hypnotic state. This is why sometimes under deep hypnosis, people wake up afterwards saying they’ve been asleep! In fact, once in a hypnotic state, the next state is sleep so you can appreciate why people might link the two!
Ultimately it is a state of relaxation which enables us as therapists to “speak” to the unconscious mind. It allows us to give your unconscious mind something to think about, hence you may have heard the phrase, “hypnotic suggestions”. Stopping smoking, managing weight loss, anxiety control and stress management are several examples where hypnotic inductions are powerful. The list and benefits really are endless.
Stage hypnosis
Stage work is a state of relaxation but for amusement of an audience. Again there are hypnotic states and if you’ve ever seen a stage hypnotist you’ll know that this can be very entertaining! The people who volunteer are aware of what is going on. As with all hypnosis, you cannot make someone do something that they aren’t comfortable doing. Your values and morals do come into play with hypnosis therefore you wouldn’t go and rob a bank under hypnosis!
Stage hypnosis generally involves rapid inductions i.e. getting volunteers into a receptive state quickly so that the entertainment can get going quicker! The states are the same whether it is clinical hypnosis or stage hypnosis. Clinical hypnotherapy rarely involves you clucking around like a chicken though (unless you have a deep desire to!)
If you’ve ever been through hypnosis, you will know how relaxing it is. Even 20 minutes of hypnosis for relaxation will feel as good as an 8 hour sleep or all over body massage. Why not contact us to explore the relaxing possibilities of hypnosis in your life?

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