Anxiety comes in a great many shapes, forms and severities. There is general anxiety, performance anxiety, social anxiety, sexual anxiety to name a few. It's important to remember that anxiety and the feelings associated with it are different for each and every person. 
So what is anxiety and how does it differ from stress? 
Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at some point in their lives. Anxiety and stress are usually mentioned in the same breath, but they can be vastly different. Stress is your body's reaction to a trigger and is generally a short-term experience. Stress is a response to a threat in any given situation. Anxiety, on the other hand, is a sustained mental health symptom that can be triggered by stress. 
How can my hypnosis help? 
Well, in the first instance, becoming aware of what your triggers are, and knowing that there IS an alternative is such a huge relief to most people. Hypnosis can get to the root cause of your anxiety and stress, in a safe environment where you will look at those feelings from a safe distance. Hypnosis can also help your mind to find other ways of feeling, giving you that all-important pause so you can decide to feel differently. When you are relaxed, you cannot be anxious or stressed. When you are relaxed, your mind can give you other tools to help with stress and anxiety so if those feelings come back, you recognise them for what they are and decide how you want to feel instead. You always have a choice. 
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