Diet and mental states

Healthy foods

I’ve been watching a great docu-series by Dr. Mark Hyman called My Broken Brain. Dr. Hyman suggests that physical and mental states are inter-linked in a symbiotic way and the two should be managed together. This really proves the old adage that “we are what we eat”. There are some great and scary insights into how the foods we eat could actually be slowly poisoning us. The procedures for handling foods are now heavily scrutinised in terms of how healthy these procedures really are, and we really should be questioning these more.

I’ve always believed that our bodies and mind are one entity. Therefore to truly live life to the fullest we need to take care of our physical bodies which in turn takes care of our mental state. If you get a chance to see any of it then great, otherwise check out Dr. Hyman’s content which will  surprise and shock you. Also of note is the Institute for Functional Medicine which looks at the root cause of illnesses rather than just looking to alleviate the symptoms of illness. As in NLP, we always look to find the root cause of the issue which releases the symptoms for the future.

Conclusion? Your diet could be making you mentally ill and causing you untold physical damage so why not investigate it further. To see how we can help with getting your mental wellbeing back on track, contact us now!

Are we all interconnected?

This is a fascinating insight from Dr. Tom Chi about human thought and human science on how we are all interconnected.  Consequently this blew me away and added credence to my existing thoughts on how we all come from the same stuff. We never really die because our energy goes back to the universe. Ironically, going back does indicate a linear path which is also wrong in my mind!  Enjoy and be ready to feel amazed!

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