Why would I ever need a business coach?

Is Coaching right for you and your company?

Is your business thriving or just ticking over?   Your Sales team are probably meeting potential and existing clients. Your operation teams are delivering the goods or services. Your finance teams are taking care of the money. Then the whole cycle starts again. Which is fine, until something goes awry.

It’s never one thing though, and it’s generally never one big thing to cause the wheels to start coming off. It happens, over time and subtly.

I’ve been fortunate to work in several different sectors, from public sector, financial institutions and big corporations to small sub 50 employee organisations. There are startling similarities and key indicators for when the wheels do start to come off and this is when the decisions need to be made and not after the panic has set in.

What help do you need?

It’s not too late. In this day and age, it’s difficult to know where to ask for help. Most businesses look at what is happening in the world and can relate somewhat. They also relate to what’s happening with other local businesses who are a barometer for the community they usually thrive in.  In the U.K. we are under the constant watch of Brexit, like some European sword of Damocles hanging over us. We are always keeping one eye on how this is going to affect our business and, more importantly, our ability to react and respond to those unknown changes.  Adaptability is fundamental for a business, but so is the resilience of your employees to be able to react and respond to the changing landscape, even more so in these difficult and unknown times.

Where does coaching come in?

It’s still not too late. A lot of businesses won’t ask for help as they see it as a sign of weakness. Coaching can be the strength to help your business in many areas. Often having an outside view shows a completely different perspective on what actions you need to take.  Coaches are not affected by the internal BS rules or politics that are endemic in some businesses. Coaching will give you a different path to walk down before you start down the road of changing everything. Change employees, change sales tactics, change products, change customers, change, change, change. Change is the keyword, but decision and vision of what to change is what’s really needed here. Coaching can pinpoint what will be the most benefit to change, before too much gets changed.

 I’ve been through a lot of change in many different guises. I’ve taken teams through takeovers, redundancies, restructures, democratic and political changes. I’ve learned and lived an incredible number of tips and tricks on how to navigate businesses, teams and myself through those changes.

So, it really is up to you to decide if you need help. If your business has a steady growth rather than a huge growth, then maybe I can help. If you are happy with your employees but the staff turnover needs reducing, then I can help.  If your sales are good, but you want them to be great then I can help. I hope you’re getting the picture? Why not give me a call?

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