Working well?

How well do you know your employees? Do you know if they are happy doing their job? Do you know if they are happy coming to work? What is more cost prohibitive – an off sick employee or one who is present but, well, not really working?
With an estimated loss of 1 day per month, per employee on unproductive work habits, you can see why companies are looking for fixes and alternatives. One such option is wellness and stress management.

What are you looking for?
Companies are looking to get the best out of their employees, not only for the quality of work they produce but for the company culture and morale they contribute to. Happy employees are also infectious. Your customers love happy employees and this reflects very well for you as a business.

There may also be times when you need to really ask for your employees help working on long projects or over weekends. Happy employees are happy to oblige.

As an employer, If you know your employees are happy coming to and being in work, wouldn’t you want to get an extra day a month back? As an employee, wouldn’t you want to feel fulfilled every day you turn up?

Health versus Salary
Nowadays employees are looking into the health benefits of a company equally as much as salary. They know that one day they may get sick, and will the company take care of them when they do? Why not start at the root cause and remove stress and illness at the source – the workplace. There are simple adjustments to make from lunchtime meditations, to bigger “google-esque” practices such as scooters around the office or meditation pods. One company I know introduced deskside massages for their employees – they didn’t even have to move from their desks to get the benefit!

Why not call us for stress management and wellness practices for your teams. Getting that day back per employee could be the edge your business needs.

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